Spring is just around the corner (yippee), the seasons officially change on the 20th March this year, and we can’t wait! Winter seems to have gone on forever, and are so excited for the longer days when it’s light in the morning when we get up and the evenings are about sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air instead of hibernating and watching too much TV.

Of course, as we throw back the curtains to appreciate the sunshine the extra light tends to reveal more than we bargained for,  all the things we haven’t been able to see during winter, dusty cobwebs, grubby windows and fingerprints on kitchen cupboards.  It’s easy to see where the tradition of the ‘Spring Clean’ comes from!

Our feet suffer from something similar, most of the winter they are covered up, kept in the dark, and forgotten about. But, once the weather starts getting warmer and we take our boots and socks off to reveal our poor neglected feet in bright daylight, that’s when it’s time to think about a spring clean for your feet.

Julie Harwood is an Associate Member of The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, her mobile foot care service covers the whole of the North West including Blackburn, Bolton, Blackpool, Lytham St Annes and Manchester, and her clinic in Clitheroe is open every Monday and Wednesday.

Essential Maintenance for Foot Health & Wellbeing

When we ignore the general wellbeing of our feet, we can often overlook issues such as verrucae, corns or ingrowing toenails.  None of these problems will get better on their own and require professional help and expert treatment. As with any medical issue, prevention is better than cure, and an early diagnosis is preferable so that treatment can begin before the problem starts to cause discomfort or pain.

Julie can offer you a thorough foot check up either in the comfort of your home or at her clinic in Clitheroe.  After an initial health and medical consultation, she will remove callouses and hard skin and begin treatment on any other issues that may be affecting the health of your feet. Every foot care treatment with Julie will end with a soothing massage.

How About a Treat for your Spring Time Feet?

It may well be that you know your feet are in tip-top condition and you want to prepare them for a special event or spoil them a little as thanks for all their hard work.  As well as being qualified to advise and treat more serious foot problems Julie is also fully trained to give you a luxury pedicure.  The pedicure includes foot and nail treatments,  deep conditioning with Gehwol lotions and heated booties, indulgent lower leg massage and if it’s your thing, a polish in a delicious colour of your choice.

Julie is more than happy to treat several people in the same home so if you would like to book an appointment for the whole family to have a spring spruce up, or a cup of tea and a catch up with your girlfriends while you all indulge yourself with a luxury pedicure then call her now to arrange an appointment on 07813 696006.