Reflexology, putting a smile on your face!

We talk quite a lot about reflexology on our blog page, and with very good reason, it has proved to be hugely beneficial to many people.  It can relieve a great many ailments and can promote health and wellbeing in those that experience it.

Julie Harwood is an experienced mobile foot care practitioner; she is an Associate Member of The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and a highly qualified VCTC reflexologist. Many of her clients have come to appreciate reflexology as an alternative therapy and enjoy regular treatments as part of their efforts to improve their physical and mental well-being.

There are no guarantees that reflexology works for everyone, but there are many ways this deep foot massage can help common ailments that we simply learn to live with over time.

Nerve Function

As we get older, our bodies become less sensitive, and our nerve endings, particularly those in our extremities, are no exception. Reflexology is thought to be able to stimulate over 7,000 nerve endings in one treatment, this, in turn, encourages the clearing of neural pathways.

These pathways that are connected to your brain and over time they can become blocked and may be causing you to feel sluggish and out of sorts. By applying gentle pressure in specific areas of your foot these blockages can be cleared and you may find your thinking becomes sharper and your memory may be better.  To be honest, I don’t really know anyone who wouldn’t be happy with that result!

Relief from pain, stress and depression.

Reflexology can benefit most areas of the body and can be used to help relieve acute and chronic conditions such as back and shoulder pain, headaches and even migraines.

Stress can cause many unexpected symptoms and studies show that when we are stressed, we are more susceptible to illness and disease. A session of reflexology in your home can provide total relaxation, and there’s nothing better than relaxing to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Reflexology improves circulation and immune systems.

Encouraging your blood to flow more freely will transport oxygen and vital nutrients throughout your entire system; increasing circulation body will help remove wastes and toxins. It is recommended that in order to help your body continue the work of your reflexology session,  you drink plenty of water after your treatment to help flush the waste and toxins away.

The removal of toxins and the stimulation of your lymphatic system helps to reduce the risk of infections and boosts the function of your immune system that can create a great sense of well-being.

The detoxifying benefits of receiving reflexology can help increase energy levels, reduce stress, offer some relief from the symptoms of depression.  It can help to create a stronger immune system, reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack and is even linked with anti ageing.

The benefits of cleansing your systems with this ancient foot massage will encourage self-healing, it is deeply relaxing and can help to balance your body, mind and spirit.

If you live in the Clitheroe area and would like to visit Julie at her clinic, she has some appointments free every Monday.  If you live in the North West area, Julie already has clients in Manchester, Rochdale, Blackburn, Burnley, Preston and Lytham St Annes and she is happy to travel to treat you in the comfort of your home.

To secure your special offer reflexology session, or to book any of her treatments call her now on 0781 396 9006 or 01200 411072.