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Mobile Reflexology Therapy Service – April Special offer was £35 now £25

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that can be performed on your hands or feet. Julie Harwood is an Associate Member of The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and therefore offers this treatment via the feet.  Reflexology is a non-invasive, deeply relaxing treatment that has a whole range of benefits for physical and emotional symptoms. Reflexology […]

November Special Offer

The Medi-Pedi is a fabulous way to pamper your feet. You receive two treatments in one. You receive the pampering of a traditional pedicure along with the benefits of a treatment from a qualified footcare practitioner for problems such as the removal of hard skin or corns.  The Medi-Pedi comprises of: Nails trimmed Cuticles cleaned Hard […]

Nail Correction – Wide-Pedique

WIDE-PEDIQUE plus is a Modern toe nail correction. The feet and nails tolerate stress every day of our lives. They suffer through sports injuries, standing, tight shoes, too much moisture and general wear and tear. Our feet are seen on various occasions and want to look like they are cared for and beautiful. Nail diseases […]

What is Reflexology?

I have been asked many times what is reflexology and how does it work. Reflexology is a complimentary therapy which can be performed on the hand feet and earlobes. It is performed by applying pressure to the foot (each part representing a part of body)enabling the body to naturally heal itself. It is beneficial for […]

What is a Corn?

Corns are one of the most common problems that a mobile footcare practitioner will face. Corns are very painful areas of skin that are developed when they are exposed to a large amount of pressure over a period of time. In appearance they look like a tiny circles and tend to appear on tops of […]

Ingrown toenails

If you suffer from ingrown toenails you will already be familiar with the discomfort they cause. Left untreated, eventually the side of the nail will continue to penetrate your toe and as it does it will cause inflammation and any discomfort you feel as this problem begins will sooner or later cause continual pain. This […]